About Us

Our MISSION is to achieve safety and environmental excellence through a process of continuous improvement which relies upon dedication to customer service, community outreach, leadership, education, emergency preparedness, program management, empowerment, and professionalism.

Our VISION is to move the University community to the highest level of Safety, Health, Emergency, and Environmental Management by the integration of these practices into the core values of the University culture.

In serving this mission and vision, we are committed to the following “Statement of Values.”

  • Promote and encourage safety and environmental compliance among all members of the campus community through leadership, honesty, and integrity.
  • Maintain the highest ethical and professional standards by following all state, ECU, and other applicable policies and standards; maintain the confidentiality of both personal and business information except when required by law or when overriding health and safety considerations exist.
  • Be fair and consistent with all members of the campus community, regardless of their organizational standing, while still upholding and supporting applicable laws and policies.
  • Facilitate and promote open communication; be respectful, courteous and sensitive while being assertive; communicate factually and effectively to build trust and unity; provide supportive feedback and avoid rumors, gossip, and personal criticism.
  • Enhance credibility through continuous improvement, responsiveness, and accuracy; improve knowledge and skills through training, education, and networking.
  • Achieve and maintain competency in the practice of the profession and perform professional services only in the area of competence.
  • Be loyal to ECU and the EH&S Team in meeting university goals and supporting her mission with a spirit of teamwork; avoid circumstances where a compromise of professional judgment or conflict of interest may arise.
  • Strive to make this the best EH&S program and exceed customer expectations at every opportunity; be trustworthy, reliable, persistent, efficient and hardworking.