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Welcome to the ECU EH&S Onsite EHSA System webpage! The ECU Environmental Health & Safety Office has incorporated a new software system into the Chemical Hygiene/Laboratory Safety Program. This service will be utilized by PIs, safety representatives, and lab personnel.

We understand learning a new system may seem daunting, but we can assure you this will streamline processes for chemical inventory, lab safety inspections, safety training, waste pick-up requests, fume hood certification, and much more. We have developed a few instruction snippets for the some of the most commonly used features. The resources section also contains links for the official Onsite SOP and introductory training for faculty, staff and paid students.

For questions or concerns please contact us at 252-328-6166 or safety@ecu.edu.

Brief Guide on Common Onsite Operations:

New Lab Registration:

This function allows users to set-up and attach a new location to the PI permit. To begin, click the “Lab Registration” icon on the home screen.

  • Review attached locations: all locations already attached will be displayed below once the Lab Registration icon has been clicked (researcher may have to chosen from drop-down if not auto-populated).
  • Add new area: select a building from the drop-down, then a lab (labs will populate once building is chosen). Click green “Request Link” button.
  • Remove area: select the red “Request Removal” button left of the attached location.
  • EH&S will review the requests and approve to complete the action.

Lab Hazard Assessments:

This function allows completion of a hazard assessment questionnaire to declare what hazards and relevant processes are expected in their laboratory space, for review by EH&S once selections are submitted.

  • Click “EHS Assessment” on the homepage, then click “Browse New Forms”.
    • Click “Start” next to “Lab Hazard Assessment”.
    • Select the PI from the “Researcher” drop-down, and “create assessment”.
    • Move through the prompts: choose yes/no for each category as applicable. Category descriptions are available by double-clicking the section.
  • Towards the end, files can be uploaded and attached to the assessment if applicable, such as lab safety plans.
    • To do so, click “manage attachments”, then “add”, following subsequent prompts.

Chemical Inventory:

This function allows PIs and appropriate staff to upload, confirm, and change their chemical inventory. This will help maintain more accurate inventory lists and let EH&S know of the presence of specific hazards present. Users can sort across different  categories. Click the “Inventory” icon on the homepage to begin.

  • Select “Quick Chemical Entry”.
    • Confirm correct PI at the top to view, add, or edit available inventory.
    • Add: after clicking the “add” button on the top left of the screen, a new box will appear. Type relevant information into the box (name, CAS number, etc.) and select the chemical, then click “save”. If the chemical does not appear in the search, exit out of the search and type the information into the description box. Ensure to select the “Not in Catalog” bubble, then click “save”.
    • Delete: click to select the check box to the left of the substance in question. Select “remove” at the top of the page; a new box will appear where you must select the reason for deletion from the drop-down.
  • Annual inventory verification: click “Chemical Inventory Review Statement” once you’re in the inventory icon. Ensure the proper permit, PI, and date are populated. Click “Submit” to confirm; this action will be reflected on the PI permit.

Lab Users:

This function is used to manage lab personnel attached to a PI permit. Creating a personnel account will track training requirements.

  • Click the “Worker Registration” icon.
    • Add: click “Search Worker” or the “Add New Worker” button. Follow the prompts to complete finding or adding the individual to the permit; save.
    • Remove: click the red “Remove from Permit” button next to names attached to the permit. The button will turn green to signify “pending”.
    • EH&S will review and complete the request for removal or addition.
  • Review training: click the “training records” icon. The box on left will list employees attached to the PI.
    • Requirements, trainings due, completion status, etc., on top-right.
    • The bottom-right box shows training history.

Audit/Inspection Results:

The EH&S department is committed to providing a safe environment for all employees and students of the university. Audit inspections are meant to assist in compliance of this goal. This function allows PIs and appropriate staff to review EH&S inspection results and respond to any corresponding comments or potential safety concerns.

  • A PI or safety rep will receive an email following an inspection by EH&S. The email may mention terms such as “deficiency”, “violation”, or, “item of concern”.
  • The email will have a hyperlink that will take you to the appropriate inspection item in the onsite system for review, including dates and more pertinent information.
  • PI and staff can also log into the Onsite system and click the “Safety Inspections” icon.
    • Click “violation deficiency response”, ensuring the PI name is showing.
    • Choose the inspection; select the deficiency item in red by double-clicking.
  • Respond: scroll to the last box at the bottom reading “please enter response to violation deficiency below”. Ensure all appropriate fields are completed including correction notes, correction dates; click “Save”.
    • Once marked as corrected, it will no longer show up as a deficiency and will then be reviewed by EH&S. If further follow-up is required, you will receive further notification.


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    OnSite Standard Operating Procedure

    OnSite Training: Lab Faculty, Staff, & Paid Students