Setting up a New Lab

The Purpose of this page is to offer the resources necessary to allow each lab supervisor to quickly set up a new lab in compliance with applicable regulations and safety standards. The checklist provides a simple list of the basics necessary to begin a new laboratory at ECU.

New Lab Set-up Checklist

Required Training:

Chemical Hygiene Training

Each lab user (including the principal investigator) must take an ECU Chemical Hygiene Training before beginning work in the lab. This training contains the basic safe lab use standard operating procures that apply to all ECU labs as well as a description of the responsibilities of and resources available lab users. The training may be taken on line. Once the training program and the accompanying quiz has been successfully completed the participant’s name will be entered on the University training roster available for view by alphabetically.

Lab Specific Training

Lab Specific Training is provided by the principle investigator to each lab users (Documentation of training must be maintained in the lab). It follows ECU Chemical Hygiene Training.
The minimum training should include:

  • Content of the lab safety plans
  • Location and basic content of the chemical inventory
  • Location and how to use the related safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Chemical storage plan for the lab
  • Location of self inspection logs and assigned responsibility for keeping the log
  • Location of hazardous waste storage and waste labels
  • Location of drain logs and items approved for drain disposal in the lab
  • Location of the emergency call back list (Make sure contact numbers remain current)
  • Emergency evacuation procedure for the lab

Links detailing each requirement of the Chemical Hygiene and Lab Specific training can be found on the ECU Lab Safety Page.