Lab Safety

Lab Safety training is required upon initial hire at ECU and then once every 3 years as a refresher. Training may be obtained in an open session provided by EH&S at the beginning of each fall semester or online. If you have a group of 10 or more that need lab safety training or a refresher, a custom training session can be arranged through EH&S.

Lab Safety Training

The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) (PDF) is ECU’s standard operating procedure for laboratories. It is a requirement of the OSHA Laboratory Standard and identifies each person’s responsibility for lab safety, lists specific standard operating practices and provide emergency information.

As part of the CHP, each laboratory is required to complete and post a Lab Safety Plan and Door Posting/Cover Sheet. The Cover Sheet identifies who is authorized to work in the laboratory and identifies where documentation and emergency equipment are located. In addition, the lab must complete a Safety Plan for each set of procedures that are performed. A copy of the Lab Safety Plan should be emailed to EH&S and placed in the lab’s safety manual. Lab users can download safety plans from the Safety Plan Library and customize them for their own use.



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