Personal Protective Equipment

Environmental Health and Safety coordinates the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on campus. To ensure the safety of employee, appropriate PPE will be provided at no cost, wherever it is established through hazard assessment, that there are existing or potential hazards capable of causing injury or impairment to any part of the body.

Personal Protective Equipment are only to be used when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible to control the hazard or during implementation. As such, they represent the last line of defense against occupational exposure. Prior to PPE use, affected labs or departments should complete the PPE hazard assessment form to determine the required protection. For respiratory hazard, the respiratory hazard assessment form should be completed – see resources link to download forms. If unsure about what type of hazard is present at your work environment, please respond to the hazard pre-assessment survey. Completed forms should be forwarded to EH&S for review. EH&S is also available to assist departments in performing hazard assessment, including selection of appropriate personal protective equipment.

It is the responsibility of affected employee to understand and comply with federal regulation (as provided by OSHA), regarding proper selection, use and maintenance of PPE. For program elements, PPE manual, and other useful documents, please visit the resources provided. If you have questions contact the EH&S office at 252.328.6166.

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