Weather Resources

Eastern North Carolina is subject to many forms of hazardous weather. We may experience hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, and snow/ice. When hazardous weather causes safety concerns or disrupts the University operations, the Administration makes a decision to:

  • continue classes and operations,
  • delay or early dismiss classes and / or operations, or
  • cancel classes and continue operations.

ECU Administration tries to announce a decision no later than 2 hours before the affected change in classes or operations. When a decision is made, the information is posted via ECU Alert. ECU Physicians staff should call (252) 744-5080 for work schedule.

If you have registered for a special event scheduled to be held at ECU during the hazardous weather event, please contact the event coordinator for cancellation information.

Hazardous Weather Information

Hazardous Weather Phone Numbers

ECU Weather Information Line
(252) 328-0062
ECU Physicians Information Line
(252) 744-5080

Additional Weather Resources

ECU has the potential to experience and be negatively impacted by hazardous weather. The following resources will assist individuals and departments prepare for hazardous weather events.

Severe Weather Alert and Notification

Outdoor Warning Loudspeakers

ECU utilizes outdoor loudspeakers as a means of alert for tornado warnings as well as other dangerous situations that may impact the University. The only weather event that the University will activate outdoor speakers for is a tornado warning. A tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service when a tornado has been spotted on the ground or when Doppler weather radar indicates that tornado conditions exists in a particular area.

Testing The outdoor speakers are tested twice annually during an announced test of the ECU Alert system.

NOAA Weather Radios

ECU has placed NOAA weather radios in various buildings throughout campus as part of the StormReady certification process. The most common event that will cause an activation of the tone alert radios is a severe weather event. Unlike the outdoor warning sirens, the tone alert radios can be activated for severe weather watches and warnings to include, but not limited to tornado warnings.

Testing NOAA weather radios are typically tested by the National Weather Services weekly.

Emergency Numbers:

During an emergency, always call 9-1-1 first!

Police / Fire / Medical Emergency
Dial 911
ECU Cares
ECU Police Department
Student Health Services
Environmental Health & Safety
Facilities Services