Fire and Life Safety

The key to safety is to know the hazards you are exposed to and how to protect yourself from harm. It is up to all of us to identify potential safety issues that could prevent a fire or life safety issue from occurring. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is tasked with fire and life safety for the entire ECU Community. We work closely with Facilities Services to maintain all ECU Buildings to ensure they are up to code and safe for students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Fire and Life Safety Codes and Regulations were developed to establish minimum requirements that will provide a reasonable degree of safety from fire and other life safety hazards encountered in buildings and structures. EH&S regularly inspects each campus building to identify fire and life safety hazards. EH&S fire and life safety programs are all managed with one goal in mind, to make the ECU Community safer. This is accomplished by identifying, correcting, and preventing safety hazards that could cause an injury or loss of life, and presents a potential loss to property. Some examples include but are not limited to combustible storage too close to the ceiling, frayed electrical cords, and overloaded circuits.

Fire and Life Safety Programs

Safety Representatives & Building Administrators

Safety Representatives and Building Administrators serve an important role in completing and implementing the annual Emergency Action Plan and ensure their employees know what to do in an emergency situation. They also serve as a contact in emergency situations, during inspections, and for delivering safety information to departmental employees. Safety Representatives and Building Administrators are also considered to be additional individuals in and around campus that can alert EHS of potential safety hazards, spills, or any other EHS related issue. They serve a vital role in helping EHS operate effectively and efficiently.

Emergency Action Plan

    Safety Representative Training

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    Other Fire Safety Resources